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For the Joy of It

When I do Ayurveda consultations, I often ask the client what they do each day that brings them joy. Some will say they don't do anything, as they feel guilty taking time to do something just for themselves (typically Vatas). Others will say they don't do anything because they have no time (usually Pittas). Few are able to answer the question immediately and with certainty.

People frequently ask me why I teach so much yoga right now, as it seems unnecessary. I can tell you it's not for the money, as yoga teachers don't make much. It's not because I have so much free time, as my day job is a big one and my kids are busy with events. I teach so much yoga because it brings me joy. It's that simple. It feeds me what I need.

When we do things that bring us joy, we grow more and more into the people we are meant to be. We all have responsibilities and non-joyful tasks to do each day, but if we continually forgo joy and only do "tasks," our lives can feel like drudgery--as if we are waiting until some future day when we are free to do what we like. But life is today and today only. As Emily Dickinson reminds us, "Forever is composed of nows / 'Tis not a different time." You are already free to live the life you want without delay. Indeed, I prescribe for you that each day--every day--you do one thing that brings you joy. There is not a different time to choose.


Upcoming Events:

  • Sun. Aug. 21, 4:30pm @ Força: Myofascial Release for the Lower Body

  • Sun. Sept 4, 4:30pm @ Força: Yoga Nidra

  • Sat. Sept. 24, 9-2: Russellville Yoga Fest @ Sunset Point on Mt. Nebo. Tickets ($15) and info at

  • Fri. Sept. 30- Sun. Oct. 2: Yoga on the Mountain @ The Lodge on Mt. Magazine! 20% with code ERINCLAIRLOVE. Info and tickets available here. Saturday-only tickets now available!

Upcoming Music Monday Schedule:

  • 8/22 Florence + the Machine

  • 8/29 Lizzo

  • 9/5 Marvin Gaye

  • 9/12 Kelly Clarkson


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May you be happy. May you be well.

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