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If someone asked me, “What is, in general, the most difficult yoga pose?,” it wouldn’t be an arm balance, an inversion, or something that requires intense flexibility. The most difficult pose for many people is chaturanga. Why? Because it is so easy to do with improper form that can lead to injury. Most people have to work up to the strength it requires and, as they are doing that, injury may occur from improper form.

Try working on that form a little each day. Your body will thank you!

  1. Start in a high plank with your shoulders, elbows, and hands in one straight line.

  2. Pull your abdominals in, engaging your core, and push your thighs up and heels back.

  3. On an exhale, roll forward on your toes so your shoulders come past your wrists and lower your body, elbows pointing straight back, until your arms make no greater than a 90-degree angle at the elbow.

  4. Pause and hold for a moment, keeping everything engaged.

  5. On an inhale, press into your hands and flip the tops of your feet down, pushing into upward-facing dog. In up-dog, the thighs are off the mat, the shoulders, wrists, and elbows are in one line, the shoulder blades are broadened, and there is space between the ears and the shoulders. Press into the "L" of each hand to protect the wrists.

  6. Modification: If you're building your strength, try doing the movement on your knees, and do cobra rather than upward-facing dog.


Ready for the Next Step?

One of the best ways to consciously work on your form and alignment in yoga asana is to take an in-person foundations yoga teacher workshop. This is an excellent way to learn in-depth about vinyasa yoga poses, and what each one does within the body. One of these workshops--YogaFit Level 1--is being offered in Russellville on Dec 4 & 5. This would be a great way to deepen your practice and also find out if yoga teacher training is for you. Jill Belongia is teaching it: she is my mentor and is who I did my own Level 1 training with. You can decide to go on to complete a 200hr registered yoga teacher training in YogaFit's modular system or with a different 200hr yoga teacher school, or you can just take Level 1 for your own growth with no intention of continuing on.

If interested, here is the link to register: . There is a coupon code for Level 1: “FBL1”.

If you have questions about YogaFit Level 1 or about 200hr yoga teacher trainings, feel free to reach out to me at


Yoga Mats for the Holidays

Anyone who has practiced yoga for a while will tell you there is a huge difference between a cheap foam yoga mat you pick up at a box store and a professional mat. All mats at Erin Clair Yoga are truly nonslip and have been tested by me personally. Take a look and order one for someone you care about (like yourself!) this holiday season.




11/21 Sunday, 2pm @ Força. Gratitude Yin Yoga to Celebrate the Week of Thanksgiving


11/15 Janet Jackson

11/22 Rihanna

11/29 Justin Timberlake


May you be happy. May you be well.

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