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Power Posing with Wild Hair

The other day, I was in the shower and the power went out. I had to be at work within the hour, so the timing was awful. Here’s the thing: I straighten my hair every morning. It would be one thing if my hair were naturally curly or naturally straight. It’s neither of those things. Instead, it’s naturally insane. Without electricity, I was going to have to go to work with naturally insane hair.

This small thing can affect my outlook on the day. My straightened hair is like a business suit to me. When my hair is straight, I feel like I reflect my position and will be taken seriously. When my hair is natural, I feel vulnerable and absurd. Hence, I usually don’t allow anyone to see my natural hair except for my husband and children. That side of me is private.

Did my college students stare at me when I got to class with my crazy hair? Yes, at first they did. I merely told them, “I had no electricity this morning, so my hair looks as wild as I truly am.” They shrugged and moved their attention elsewhere. As they were about to take an exam, one of them suggested they all do a “power pose,” as doing that pose before an exam supposedly has been shown to increase test scores. So we all stood up proudly with our hands on our hips in order to increase our confidence. We looked like a room full of superheroes.

In that moment, I realized that my insecurity about my natural hair serves no one--not the people who look up to me, and especially not myself. God gave me crazy hair. That hair reflects my truest self: a wild heart, a passionate spirit, and a force to be reckoned with. I realized I needed to “Power Pose” about my hair: to own it and be confident about it. Yep, I need to show the world my crazy hair more often.

I am allowed to be wild. I am allowed to be free. I do not need to feel ashamed of how I look, or of anything about me. Anyone who says otherwise is projecting their own insecurities onto me.

If you were standing in front of me, I would say those same words to you with all the conviction I have. You are allowed to be wild. You are allowed to be free. You do not need to feel ashamed of how you look, or of anything about you. Anyone who says otherwise is projecting their own insecurities onto you.

We can both Power Pose and repeat those words until we believe them thoroughly.


Mantra for Remembering Your Worth

When your confidence is on the rocks, it pays to remind yourself of your true value. Find a comfortable space to sit, lengthen your spine, relax your jaw and shoulders, and soften your eyes. Take a deep breath in and a breath out. With your next inhale, say to yourself the words “I am,” and on your exhale the words “a miracle.” Keep repeating the phrase “I am a miracle“ with the flow of your breath for the next two to five minutes. When finished, return to your day with the awareness that you are exactly who you need to be.


Upcoming Events

  • February 28, 6:30pm: Mardi Gras & Sangria. Let's celebrate Fat Tuesday (on Monday) and the beloved, magical city of New Orleans. They'll be NOLA jazz, yoga flows, sangria, masks, and beads. I even found some king cake for us to enjoy. Woot! $5 cover

  • Beginning March 6, 4:00pm: Open Studio / Yoga Play begins. Every Sunday from 4:00-5:00, come to the Força yoga studio to work on a pose, transition, or concept you’ve been wanting to know more about. I’ll be there to help however you need.

  • March 9, 6:30pm: Glow Yoga! Black lights, glow paint, and flows to jam band music. It’s Grateful Dead time!


You Deserve a Good Mat

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May you be happy. May you be well.

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