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The moments that stick with us are those when the heart is caught off guard and blown open. It could be a dramatic moment, or as simple as a look someone gives us, a soft word uttered, or an unexpected touch of a hand. In their day-to-day lives, people tend to act as if they are not affected by much, but we each carry with us a suitcase of these moments everywhere we go.

Over the years, I’ve thought often of this line from The Great Gatsby: “He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.” It’s not the best or most well-known line from the book, but the way it represents a heart-blown moment has always struck me. Daisy realizes with that look the depth of Gatsby’s devotion to her: it’s a “holy shit” moment for Daisy that blows everything open inside her.

I have zero scientific proof, but I think these moments are more likely to happen in the fall. Maybe I feel this way because I live in the South and summers here seem too heady, humid, and hot for anything but survival. With the first cool breeze, miracles suddenly seem possible again. No matter the region, there is some honesty in the way the leaves let go in the fall and reveal the truth of things again. In September, the last golden light of summer plays against the first muted colors of winter, and we are reminded of the beauty of change, of the moment-to-moment “hurry through which known and strange things pass” that is a human life.

Happy September, friends. May your hearts be caught off guard in the best way.



Russellville Yoga Fest

Only a few weeks away! September 24 from 9-2, join us in a community celebration of movement and magic on Mt. Nebo. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at, or in cash at the event.

Yoga on the Mountain

Three days of yoga and bliss on top of Mt. Magazine from Sept. 30-Oct. 2. Schedule and tickets available at (20% discount with code ERINCLAIRLOVE).

Music Monday Schedule (6:30pm each Monday at Força)

9/5 Marvin Gaye

9/12 Kelly Clarkson

9/19 Guest teacher

9/26 The Eagles Glow Yoga


May you be happy. May you be well.

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