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Ask a room of yoga teachers which yoga mat you should buy, and you're going to hear "Manduka" over and over. Why? Because Manduka makes the top-of-the-line holy grail of yoga mats. While their Manduka Pro is fantastic for room temperature yoga, it's not as great for hot yoga. That's why they invented the GRP series. From the leather-like surface to the charcoal-infused rubber core, this is their most innovative mat to date. Works great for yoga in any temp!



  • 5.5 lbs; 71" x 26"; 5mm thick
  • Innovative upper layer provides proven anti-slip control in all sweat conditions
  • Charcoal-infused natural rubber core absorbs sweat to eliminate odor
  • 100% open airflow filters moisture immediately for the ultimate toweless experience
  • Works great for heated or nonheated yoga


Care Instructions: Mats designed to absorb moisture (GRP Series) should never be treated with disinfectant as the liquid will be absorbed into the mat and then cannot be thoroughly cleaned out. Clean with a yoga mat spray or a solution of mild soap and water. Dry flat. 


Shipped right to your home.

    Manduka GRP Yoga Mat

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